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I will show you how to transform your state of mind, quit the self-sabotaging nonsense, raise your vibration & finally earn what your worth.
The Only Thing Seperating You & Your Desires is ONE Small Energetic Shift.

Free yourself from the low-vibe cycle of stress.

✓ Make peace with your past the only possible way to create a new future without stress, is by freeing ourselves from the limited emotions of our past blueprint. 

Feel calm & at ease in your body under chronic emotional stress, the autonomic nervous system is triggered & stress hormones are released in the body that cause chaotic beat-to-beat changes in heart rhythm. This is anxiety. This puts excess strain on the body & organs & disrupts flow of information & communication throughout the bodies system. This will lead to accelerated aging and dis-ease.

✓ Break free from all negative emotions  – like guilt, stress, anxiety, and a crippling sense of lack or unworthiness. 

Attract abundance with ease by clearing all money blocks.

✓ Clear limiting beliefs about money true abundance is an inside job. If you are holding a lack mentality within your vibration you will never be in alignment with the financial opportunities around you. Abundance is a vibration you must allow to flow into your life.

✓ Overcome any fear of success & being seen you may be surprised by how many people hold success & money away because they actually fear their own greatness. This is a strong block because it triggers a deep primal survival response of “being rejected from the tribe”.  

Easily dissolve the deception that spiritual people can’t be wealthy – people holding the belief that money is the root of all evil struggle to grow wealth because they literally believe they are a bad person if they have it. Your subconscious mind will urge you to spend way more than you have if you carry this belief.

Attract loving & lasting relationships with ease.

Attract your dream partner & create a high-vibe relationship RTT will clear all blocks preventing you from attracting your soulmate and help you create a deeper more loving connection that lasts with your current partner.

Re-ignite the passion in your relationship & keep having the best sex you’ve ever had if the flame has gone out in your relationship RTT will help you turn your desire back on.  

Experience more pleasure & have life-altering Orgasms! By freeing yourself from trauma that is preventing you from experiencing true connection & intimacy with yourself & others.

Connect to your infinite self & transform your body.

✓ Acquire the same mindset as high achievers – by putting your willpower on autopilot and effortlessly achieving a state of flow where you can easily access your intuition and higher guidance. 

Develop ultimate body confidence – Over eating is an emotional issue that can be transformed with RTT by addressing the root cause of weight gain. After your session you will begin to develop powerful self-belief & you will fall in love with the strong & confident woman reflecting back to you.

✓ Alleviate the symptoms of chronic illness – We don’t treat symptoms, we treat mindset. You will learn how to powerfully, dramatically & permanently transform your mindset to allow for an accelerated path of self-healing.

Commit to living your dreams.

✓ Master incredible concentration in the present moment  – your true power resides in the present moment. Your ability to manifest your dreams will come down to keeping your focus in the NOW moment & not getting lost in the stories of the past.

Hack your mental performance – research is revealing that when people shift into a coherent state (focused on the present moment or a state of flow) they are able to more easily access their intuition & creative solutions. In short, you will have more mental clarity, energy, & greater intuitive insights.  

✓ Develop powerful self-belief & exponential resilience – one of the most important qualities of successful people is willingness. Successful people believe in their dreams so much they are willing to pay the price, whatever it is for however long it takes, until their dreams are realized.

The team

Our Services

We Specialize In Vibration Transformation.

Re-Engergizing Your Spirit

If you are feeling exhausted, waking up unrefreshed & struggling to make it through the day. You are creating by default. Life is happening to you, it is not happening for you. Fatigue is your emotional guidance system telling you that you’re not on the path of least resistance. We will help you get back on your true path and more importantly, teach you how to stay on the path.

Enhance Your Mind & Body Connection

The most important connection we have is our heart–brain connecton. Around every human heart is an electromagnetic field of energy that is 5000x more powerful than the electromagnetic field of the brain.
Every moment of everyday your heart is having a conversation with your brain. Your heart is sending signals to your brain about what kind of energy to send to your body (this triggers hormone production) & every moment of everyday your heart is having a conversation with the electroganetic field of the planet (this is the law of attraction in action). Your heart–mind connection is the gateway to your intuitive intelligence system & we will help you strengthen this connection so you can easily access your inner wisdom.

Reprogram Your Unconscious Mind

Through our Vibration Transformation Audio Recordings (Autohypnosis) We will create a personalized transformation for you to listen to at night for your subconscious mind to be programmed with. Accelerating the process of manifesting your dreams because 95% of the day your subconscious mind will be working towards fulfilling those commands.

Resiliance & Inner Strength

According to Darwin’s Origin of Species, it is not the most intellectual of the species that survives; it is not the strongest that survices; but the species that survives is the one that is able to best adapt & adjust to the changing environment in which it finds itself.
The biggest threat people are facing today is stress. Resiliance is defined by a person’s ability to ‘bounce back’ from stress, adversity, or challenges. People who are resiliant are energy efficent; they have a fully charged inner battery. They experience more inner peace, remain calmer, think clearer, & have the ability to stay in control of their mind & emotions.
Stress is the cause behind 90% of all ailments. Building resiliance & inner strength is essential to your overall quality of life.

Stress Relief, Relaxation & Peak Performance

Most people know what it feels like to be in a state of harmony & flow. When you are in flow state your heart & mind are in alignment (coherence) & we’re able to reach a state of peak performance & mental focus. Research at Heart Math Institute shows when we shift into a coherent state the heart & mind operate synergestically & significantly reduce our stress. This alignment allows easier access to our intuitive intelligence, we are more synergestic with others & we become the creators of our life experience.

Transform Your Body

Experiencing your true empowered divine self is much easier when you feel at peace with your body. I have found, the easiest way to appreciate my body is to nurture it with love, joy & the best nutrition I can find. A diet of whole foods, pure filtered water and additional supplementary vitamins & minerals will help you glow. True & total wellness goes way beyond what you see in the mirror. It starts with how you feed your soul. Our Coaching will feed you with the high vibes you need to match the frequency level of your dream body.  

Who is this for?

Heart-centered coaches, leaders, entrepreneurs, business owners and millennials who are sharing their gifts with the world and want to take their life and business to a new level of greatness. Anyone, who desires to learn the skills to become the true CREATOR of their life by developing and harnessing the power of their subconscious mind. 

Hi, I’m Jaxlyn. Here is my promise to you:


You CAN have it all! You can create the Designer Life of your dreams, live a life filled with passion and purpose, you can have unstoppable confidence, live a rich life and get paid doing what you love. You can feel younger as you age and thrive into your golden years. Have crazy-hot sex well into your 90’s. Travel the world doing what you love with the ones you love. I want you to live a limitless life! The abundance filled life we are all meant to be living. Let me show you how.

Jaxlyn’s mastery of the laws of attraction and her phenomenal ability to transform lives is truly a gift. She can read energy, immediately identify blocks & provide real solutions for clients no matter what problems they are facing. And the reason she can do this is because she lives what she teaches.

The Amazing Clarks

Award Winning Celebrity Life & Love Coaches, The Law of Attraction Life Coach Academy

Jaxlyn brings a transmittable positivity to all she does!  I working with Jax to develop my own physical fitness; move ahead three years, Jax is now the Corporate Wellness Coach for Kent Agri Lab Ltd.  Jaxlyn’s ability to guide a person to identify their strengths and weaknesses enables a unique approach to achieving total wellness.  My personal understanding of how to review current behaviors and make positive changes that last – has been the most valuable for me.   As for my company team members – the positive thinking and life balance of the members make every day a good day within our company!  Thanks, Jax! 


CEO , Kent Agri Lab

When you think of your desires and goals and what you want to achieve in life, there is one amazing woman who can help you –JAXLYN! If your desire is a unique experience, then you found your woman. Jaxlyn combines a variety of disciplines to bring your experience to the next level. Working with Jaxlyn only means reaching your desired destiny.


Professional Voice Professional, Trisha's Voice

Jaxlyn is one of the most positive and beautiful people I have ever met. I appreciate her because she always tries to bring out the best in me. I’ve felt very supported to pursue my goals and follow my dreams, my confidence was gradually boosted and she really does a great job at helping people!



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