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Your emotions can be tricky. Emotional instability will often cause immediate damage to you and those around you, as well as the future damage of burned bridges and ruined relationships.

Here are six ways to get grounded when you feel yourself becoming emotionally unstable. These tips will help you foster emotional resilience that will, in turn, allow you to become stronger, and more emotionally stable.

Don’t Take Everything Personally

For that matter, try not to take anything personally! If you come from the perspective that you’re okay, and someone else’s comments or attitudes are their issues, not yours, you’re much less apt to become defensive.

Be In Control of Your Thoughts

Learn that you can control your emotions by controlling the way you choose to think about things. Really believe the best for and of yourself, because it’s the truth. Become aware of negative thought patterns that serve to break you down, and begin transforming those into positive thought habits.

Don’t Hold Emotions In

Emotionally stable people know that suppressing emotions is a kiss of death. It fosters emotional instability by allowing a situation where you’re likely to have a huge negative explosion of emotion. So, learn to become assertive and say what you need to say to those who you feel need to hear it.

Become a Positive Thinker

It’s easy to let negative thinking ruin our day, our year, our life. Negative thinking is simply a habit that can be reformed. Try this: every time you find yourself having a negative thought, try to turn it around into something positive. The more you do this, the more you’ll begin to think positively naturally, without any prompting.

Breathe and Take a Step Back

If you feel yourself approaching an emotionally unstable state, take a few minutes to breathe deeply, close your eyes, assess your emotions, and re-center your mind into a positive place. Don’t react. Don’t get worked up. Just back up, and breathe.

Learn That You Have a Choice

Your emotions result from the choices you make about them. You can wake up unhappy, but choose to be happy. You choose every day to create the day you’ll have emotionally. If something happens during the day to anger or frustrate you, it is your choice to stay in that mindset or allow the anger or frustration for a few moments, then choose to let that anger or frustration go.

You always have a choice, and learning to exercise that choice wisely will help you become more emotionally resilient, emotionally strong, and have a greater overall control of what you’re feeling.

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