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Being honest and straightforward with yourself can be terrifying; I know there are things I am terrified of saying out loud. Do you really want to give words to that big dream of yours? What if you say it, and you don’t get it, or you fail? You may even be scared of trying to figure out what your big dream actually is.

How you manage that fear will decide if your dream comes to fruition or not. It is often not dependent solely upon how talented or prepared you are, or even if you feel supported; it’s about feeding your drive and motivation for it. Here are some Creative Journal Prompts I use; they, too, can help you face your fears and put words to what is in your soul:


Dealing with the Fear

Fear and uncertainty are difficult emotions to process and accept and it can be easy to shy away from them or pretend like they don’t exist.  Acknowledge why you are uncertain or anxious, and spend real thought deciding how you are going to face it and overcome it.


Meet your Fear

Treat your fear as if it were a small child. Approach it cautiously, but openly. What are you afraid of? Use the answers you find as springboards to exploring other avenues. Dive into those “what ifs.” Your journal is a safer place to do this than the depths of your mind. Put on paper what might happen, either in words or pictures, and you may find it’s not as bad as you thought.  They cease to become “what ifs” and become, “Okay, worst case…” But now you can make a plan to deal with that worst case.


Journal Prompts for Overcoming Fear

  • Explore your dread. Where do you feel it in your body and what does it feel like?
  • Imagine that your dread is a scared child. What does it resemble? Note everything about.
  • Ask this terrified child what it needs. Calm it, care for it, and encourage it to come forward.
  • What are your instinctual responses to your fear? How do you want to respond to it? Why do you want to do this, and what are the impacts?


Journaling can be a powerful, healing activity that will help you put words to what it is you are truly afraid of. Fear of failure or uncertainty can be paralyzing, keeping you from fulfilling your true potential. Get out your journal, and get rid of the fear!



  • As I let go of fear many opportunities come my way.
  • I accept what I cannot change and I find the courage to change the things I can.
  • Every moment of everyday I am becoming more and more courageous.
  • My Courage AMAZES me!!!


Happy Journaling!

Lots of Love,