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Hypnotherapy. Welcome to the birth of your new life.  

I’m not your ordinary hypnotherapist. And this isn’t your regular hypnotherapy treatment.
I tend to my client’s spirit and help them raise their vibration to the level needed to manifest their desires & achieve their dream life. I work mainly on an energetic & vibrational level helping them identify the denser energy within them and work with them to clear it off their body.


I call myself a vibrational hypnotherapist.

I work with heart-centered individuals who have done the “hard & heavy” emotional work and are looking to do the “fine tuning” of embodying the vibration of where they want to go. I like to think of it in the same way as tuning a guitar or some other instrument; the broken strings have been replaced and now we are strumming each individual string  —  while listening very carefully  —  to make sure each string is vibrating at the right pitch, so when strummed together, the most beautiful harmony is created.  

Your vibrational set point needs to be fine-tuned in order for you to attract the harmonic life you desire. 

During our session, we will discuss if there are limiting beliefs that still need to be dissolved in order for you to achieve your goals and we will determine your current vibrational set point in the areas of your life you wish to transform. We will also discover the new set point vibration you need to embody in order for you to become the person you have imagined in your highest visions and/or on your vision board.   

If hypnosis is necessary, we will begin to recalibrate the program in your subconscious mind, by transcending lower vibration thoughts, actions, beliefs and patterns allowing you to literally rewrite the script to be in alignment with your hearts vision, dreams, and desires.
Through our Vibration Transformation Audio Recordings (Autohypnosis) we will create a personalized transformation for you to listen to at night for your subconscious mind to be programmed with what you would like to be true in your life and during autohypnosis, the conscious mind is bypassed and the program goes straight into the subconscious mind; rewriting the old programs, patterns, thoughts and beliefs. So in turn, accelerating the process of manifesting your dreams because 95% of the day your subconscious mind will be working towards fulfilling those commands.

You will leave this session feeling EMPOWERED, confident and happy because you will have the direction & tools that you need to consciously create the life you desire — fast!


I look forward to working together,


About Me

I help women just like you – own their wellness, increase their vibration and transform their state of mind. I will help you discover & unleash the empowered, vibrant & jaw dropping Goddess that resides inside of you. You’re only a small change away from becoming the breath-taking WOW woman you have always wanted to be. It’s time to ditch all negativity and become the empowered, successful, and beautiful woman I know you already are.
Unlock your true potential and become the sexiest and happiest person you know.

I am a Mindset Coach, Personal Trainer, Hypnotherapist & Rapid Transformational Therapist. I have been VERY fortunate to be personally trained and developed by many world-renowned GAME CHANGERS & mavericks in the wellness field, including Britain’s award-winning Therapist & best selling author, Marisa Peer. As well as, Award Winning Celebrity love & life Coaches, Melanie and Anthony Clark & pioneering sexologist Dr. Patti Britton.


“Jaxlyn’s mastery of the laws of attraction and her phenomenal ability to transform lives is truly a gift. She can read energy, immediately identify blocks & provide real solutions for clients no matter what problems they are facing. And the reason she can do this is because she lives what she teaches.”

The Amazing Clarks

Creators & Owners, Law of Attraction Life Coach Academy

“When you think of your desires and goals and what you want to achieve in life, there is one amazing woman who can help you –JAXLYN! Jaxlyn combines a variety of disciplines to bring your experience to the next level. Working with Jaxlyn only means reaching your desired destiny.”


Professional Voice Artist, Trishas's Voice

Jaxlyn brings a transmittable positivity to all she does!  I began working with Jax to develop my own wellness; move ahead three years, Jax is now the Corporate Wellness Coach for Kent Agri Lab Ltd.  Jaxlyn’s ability to guide a person to identify their strengths and weaknesses enables a unique approach to achieving total wellness.  My personal understanding of how to review current behaviors and make positive changes that last – has been the most valuable for me.   As for my company team members – the positive thinking and life balance of the members make every day a good day within our company!  Thanks, Jax! 


CEO, Kent Agri Lab

I look forward to working together,


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