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Meet Our Team

Our job is to unleash the empowered, vibrant & jaw-dropping Goddess that resides inside of you. 

Our Team


Founder & Lifestyle Consultant

Jaxlyn is the visionary behind this beautiful brand. She truly wants you to live the highest vibe life you can possibly imagine. She will coach you to take your vibration to the next level by teaching you how to live in a consistent state of alignment & flow, so you can easily allow into your energetic field all of the dreams you have on your vision board.

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Our Team


Professional Voice Artist

Trisha is the voice behind hypnotherapy.life! You will hear her warm, calm & loving voice in most of our audiobooks, many of our meditations & the vibration transformations!
Trisha pours her heart & soul into everything she does. As you listen to her voice, feel all of her loving energy flow into your heart. 

Our Team


Rapid Transformational Therapist

Jolly is our Rapid Transformational Therapist. She will bring your conscious mind & unconscious mind into harmony. She will help you quickly, easily, & effectively identify the root cause of what is blocking you from having the life you want. Together, you will rewire, new, harmonizing & empowering beliefs that will rapidly advance you towards your dreams.

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